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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd was established in September 2007 to encourage the development of biomass energy, especially in the area of biogas technology. We formed a consortium with other people in May 2009, but this has been replaced by a new in initiative to commercialise farm-scale biogas systems in the UK called Advanced Anaerobics Ltd.

The company has gained extensive experience of biogas technology as used in a range of countries, including UK, Nepal, India, China, Rwanda and Ghana. It has strong links with experts in several of these places, especially Nepal, South India, Bangladesh and Tanzania.

One aim of the company is to use the above experience to develop a design of biogas plant that reflects the simplicity and cheapness of those used in less developed countries, but which can be used in the UK, Europe and USA. Such as design needs to be built with much less labour than is used in places such as Nepal and India. It also needs to have built-in insulation as ambient temperatures are lower than in the tropics.

The Company offers services in the form of consulting, design, and research and development in the area of biogas technology as well in the broader area of biomass energy technologies.

Using 3D modelling software (Geomagic Design), the company has made designs of rugged boxes for an electronics company.  

A new initiative is Foundation SKG Sangha, an international charitable company, registered in the UK, to use carbon offset and other finance to support biogas and other renewable energy technology projects in many parts of the world.

Links with BCU (Birmingham City University) involve writing proposals to develop a low cost food waste digestion system.

Please contact Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd for more information on the services that the company can offer.