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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

When it started in September 2007, Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd had several contracts of which two were:

  1. With the University of Reading to provide lectures and project supervision on the subject of Biomass Conversion Technologies. The lectures were for half a module of the MSc Course on Renewable Energy: Technology and Sustainability. This is a course that has been running at the University of Reading (under different names) since the early 1980s.
  2. With Ashden Awards, writing material for their new web pages, doing technical assessment of international applications and making visits to international projects to assess their suitability for an Award.

Contract 2 has continued with other consulting work alongside the visits to renewable energy projects each year.

Previous to setting up Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd, Dr David Fulford was involved in a range of consulting activities and projects related to renewable energy technologies in different parts of the world.

More recent contracts were with LooWatt Ltd, a company set up to develop waterless toilets and also with a company requiring technical drawing work.

In 2012, Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd won a contract to evaluate the Asian Biogas Programme run by SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation). The evaluation report is supposed to be published on the SNV publications website. A pre-publication copy is available here.

In June 2014, he was asked to speak at a World Bank on uses of biogas technology in Kathmandu, Nepal.  

Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd is in contact with various experts in the subject of bioenergy and its use in third world development.

A new interest is the development of a low cost system to process food wastes. A pilot plant was designed for CMC Vellore, which was installed by SKG Sangha. Links have been made with BCU (Birmingham City University).

Consulting Work