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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

Equations for plant volumes 3

The link between h, r and R is the included angle of the dome. The half-angle φ determines the width of the dome.

\[ \tan (\phi ) = {r \over {R - h}} \]

The digester pit volume can be calculated using the equations for a cylindrical pit and the values from the drawing, giving a volume of: 2.81 m3.

The volume of the dome can be calculated from the values in the drawing to be: 1.50 m3 , giving a total volume for the plant of:  4.32  m3.

The included angle (φ) is: 64.8° (1.13 radians), using the above equation.

The internal volumes of the KVIC dum and GGC 2047 designs can be calculated using other equations.