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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale


Dr David Fulford offers expertise in several areas:

Research and Development

Effective research consists of identifying patterns that define relationships between different items of interest. A pattern can be described with words or by using mathematical equations. It is a simplification of reality, but allows reality to be better understood.

Simple models can be used to aid the design of technologies. There are a range of models that describe anaerobic digestion.

David Fulford learnt R&D at Bristol University and gained experience over many years, modelling various systems, such the Humphrey pump and sodium heat pipes (the subject of his PhD) as well as biogas plants.  

Telling stories

A description of a model needs to be clear, so report writing is also an important skill. The reports that David wrote as an Ashden assessor were used for publicity, so they had to tell an interesting story. David’s skill was valuable in the writing of the two books.

Photography and Video

Stories need to be illustrated, Ashden required good photographs. A project for DfID on micro-hydro systems included making a video. David gained skills in photography, video making and image processing. A new interest in making 3D panoramas, means much to learn.

3D design modelling

Having been a lecturer in Engineering at the University of Reading, he used design software. He now uses Geomagic Design to make 3D models of mechanical engineering components and assemblies. A consulting project for a small electronics company means designing rugged boxes for circuits.

He was able to make 3D drawings of different biogas plants and equipment for the latest book.