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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

The book: “Running a biogas programme: a handbook” was published by Practical Action in 1988.

The book was based on a report written in 1985 by a team working in DCS (Development and Consulting Services), a project under the United Mission to Nepal (UMN). This report was in two volumes: Biogas in Nepal Vol I and Biogas in Nepal Vol II and was written for the USAID funded programme in which DCS was involved.

DCS had become involved in the biogas extension programme that was started by the Agricultural Department of the Government of Nepal. UMN set up Gobar Gas and Agricultural Development Company (Pvt) Ltd with the Agricultural Development Bank of Nepal (ADB/N) and the Fuel Corporation as joint share holders.  

Details of the book are provided on the next page.

After the information provided in the first book, the programme in Nepal was transferred by UMN to ADB/N, who obtained finance from UNDP (United Nations Development Fund) to replace the USAID funding support to expand the extension programme, with subsidies. After the UNDP project was complete, SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) took over the work, setting up the Biogas Support Programme (BSP/N). The programme allowed more construction companies to install biogas plants, offering training and licensing. Finance from the Netherlands provided subsidies, which were used to encourage quality control.

SNV made the programme very successful, completing over 300,000 biogas plants by 2016. They have written and made available many reports on their work. They have also become involved in successful programmes in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Cambodia. Kingdom Bioenergy Ltd was involved in an evaluation of this Asia Biogas Programme in 2012.

They have started further programmes in various countries in Africa with further published reports.    

The new book, “Small-scale rural biogas programmes: a handbook

looks at how these programmes have developed.

Running a biogas programme