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28 June 2017

Running Small-scale

The aim of the book is to “offer an effective overview of biogas technology, how it works and how it can be used”, that is “up-to-date and covers the developments of the past 20 years, since the previous book was written”.

The new book is available from Development Bookshop, as well as from other suppliers, such as Amazon.  

The book has 12 chapters:

 1. Overview of Biogas Extension

 2. Biogas History in Developing Countries

 3. Aspects of a Biogas Programme

 4. How Biogas works

 5. Biogas Effluent as Compost

 6. Main Domestic Biogas Plant Designs

 7. Plastic Biogas Plant Designs

 8. Ancillary Equipment

 9. Using Biogas Plants

 10. Management of a Biogas Programme

 11. Starting a Biogas Programme

 12. Philosophy of biogas extension

And 6 appendices:

 1. Chemistry of Simple Digestion

 2. Biogas Plant Design Details

 3. Building a Masonry Biogas Plant

 4. Basic gas pipe fitting

 5. Gas appliance design

 6. Follow-up surveys

The book is about successful biogas programmes and uses many sources of information. More details of the information in the book are here.

Small-scale Rural Biogas Programmes